• The 1st Viennese children's ball is a unique celebration in the best tradition of a Viennese ball with elements of fairy tale. The ball consists of several shows, games and activities bringing lots of fun for young and old.

    This is a charity event in cooperation with Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe.The funds raised will be used to help families with seriously ill children.

  • Dresscode: Festive dress for adults (no jeans allowed) or carnival costumes for children

    Our ball is intended for children from 4 to 12 years old, but every child is sincerely welcome!

  • The ball is a colorful celebration full of magic. It gives children an opportunity to discover the different facets of a classical cultural event - ballet, orchestra and ball opening.

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Ceremonial opening

With Waltz choreography.

Peter and the Wolf

A great orchestral fairy tale "Peter and the wolf" written by Sergei Prokofiev.

Two ballet shows

With music by Vivaldi and Minkus, performed by professional ballet dancers.


Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Asian cultures.

Photographer and photo box

Fashion Show

For young fashion lovers with a festive performance



Competition for the best carnival costume

Vienna Ensemble

Different format orchestras - from trios to 40 musicians, experimenting with different elements of art: electronic music, lights, drama, cinema, etc.

Illusionist Gregory Diamond

Gregory Diamond has been charming both children and adults for 20 years with his fascinating perfomance and humor. He always looks forward entertaining & amazing people and making them laugh.

The world of bubbles

The complex and delicate bubbles' show, which takes a spectator into the world of dreams, poetry and magic.

Children's Fair

Where each child has to complete a task at each station. Anyone who successfully accomplishes all tasks and collects all stamps will get a surprise!



Time Schedule:

13:30: Welcoming the guests

13:40: Ceremonial opening by the Académie de Danse

13:50: “Peter and the Wolf” performed by the Vienna Ensemble

14:30: Song by Nikolay Rybin

14:40: Two ballet performances by the children of the Academie de Dance

15:30: Lottery

15:50: Song by Stella Kholodova

16:00: Magic show by Gregory Diamond

16:40: Fashion-Show


  • Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe

    "Home" is a word, which represents the feelings of security, warmth and closeness of loved ones. Children with serious deseases often miss these feelings during their painfull hospital stay.

    For the last 25 years, the Ronald McDonald foundation provides parents and siblings of sick children with "temporary home" in the immediate vicinity of the hospital.

    "All children, especially sick ones, should be with their parents" - is a general principle of the charity foundation Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe. Adhering to this principle, the foundation plans to construct several new large-size houses for children and their families. The funds raised during the Ball will be used in the construction of the «Kinderhilfe Haus Wien II» house. The end of construction works is scheduled for 2017.

  • Art Agency of Irina Gulyaeva

    As one and only Russian art agency in Austria, Irina Gulyaeva and her colleagues realize that their job is to represent the interests of the artists as well as to promote Russian culture in order to contribute to a peaceful, cultural exchange among the countries.

    In 2014, Irina Gulyaeva for the first time taught a Pop Vocal course at the Prayer Conservatory. During that time she formed a band of some very talented young singers and helped them to reach the top 16 in the preliminary contest for the European Song Contest in 2015.

    Since 2014, Irina Gulyaeva has been working as an artistic consultant at Arenaria GmbH. The company is famous for its children's opera "Snow Queen", which is under the patronage of Anna Netrebko. Children have always been important for Irina Gulyaeva. For the last two years, she has been helping various organizations to organize events and to achieve their goals.

  • Fame Investments AG

    FAME Investments AG is a highly specialized and 100% independent asset management company dedicated to providing personalized investment solutions to best suit your individual needs.

    Strong customer orientation is the main focus of our organization allowing us to deliver true value and reassurance to our clients. With our extensive expertise in risk management, market analysis and financial trading, we cater to the needs of our global client base of private investors, high-net-worth individuals, banks and private trust funds.


    In the "Académie de Danse" the classic basics of aristocratic dance and Ballet are taught. The Académie is proud of its professional teachers from prestigious theaters sharing their knowledge and experience to an interested audience. The Art director of the Académie is the former State Opera Ballet dancer - Oleksandr Maslyannikov. In the Académie, there are a lot of dancing courses for different aged audience starting from 3 to 18 years. You can also find an "Open Classes" for adults.

    "I want to share the fascination of Ballet with other people. My team teaches with heart and precision, an individual approach to the learner has top priority, " says Oleksandr Maslyannikov.

    The motto of the ballet school is "our students are our treasure"!

  • Florian Godovits

    Journalist, moderator and photographer. Florian studied International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU) in Vienna. He was an editor at the APA, editor-in-chief of Epoch Times Deutschland, and co-worker of the Epoch Times in New York, currently he is an online editor at the Oe24.at. Florian moderates many classic events in the Old Town Hall in Vienna and in the Bösendorfer Salon, which is located at the Wiener Musikverein. He loves classical Chinese culture and is an expert in this field.

  • Illusionist Gregory Diamond

    Gregory Diamond has been charming both children and adults for 20 years with his fascinating perfomance and humor. He always looks forward entertaining & amazing people and making them laugh.

    Albert Einstein once said: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious", let Gregory take you on a journey to discover the world of magic!

  • Hello Kids - family events

    Hello Kids - family events is an event company arranging children's and birthday parties. Our audience usually includes children between 3 and 13 years old. We cook and serve cakes, food, beverages, catering, etc. and make a lot of fun . We entertain children with various games and animation during the whole party. Our slogan is: You bring the children to us, we take care about the rest!

    We have developed 27 different game scenarios: detectives, scientists, astronauts, travelers, pirates, knights, Vikings, dancing stars, theater, and circus many more. Funny games, tricky puzzles, tones of fun, skill development, team spirit and creativity are key elements of our entertainment strategy.

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  • Atelier Unico

    The atelier is located in a bright room on the 4th floor of a cozy house on Breitensee. It is equipped with sewing machines, overlock and large tables. There are all kinds of "ingredients" and materials for sewing, crocheting, felting or embroidery. We also have a small selection of books on different crafts and tailoring. You can always create unique things at our atelier, expand your knowledge as a part of our daily courses or simply create something special during our seminars.

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